Virtuality Updated 2017

Since our last look at the worlds of Virtual Reality (“VR”, see AiaVW-2011 and VH-2012, note the comments from back then…) and since our visit by Second Life, the various worlds have ‘sort of’ moved on… Time now (jumping forward to ABVoVW-2017!) for some of what is happening now…

The list below is something of a mix of “impressive”, “good”, “not-so-good”, “excellent” and “bad”… This tech is not quite up to the direct connection as seen in the Sci-Fi series Star Trek for Geordi, however, immersive stereo vision and stereo (“binaural“) sound provide a very powerful and convincing conduit into your mind to shape your world of experiences.

Here is a brief view of what is presently being ‘experienced’:

All this is all an old idea from long ago, for both good and bad, as envisioned by: Matrix (Doctor Who)

All coming into your reality soon!

Is all that we see or seem, naught but someone else’s dream?…

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