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Linux Games

  • Catalogues, To Buy, and Free of Cost

    • LGDB – Linux Games Database and reviews
    • Penguspy – Free & paid open & closed source Linux games
    • Tux Games – Welcome to Tux Games, the online store for Linux Games (Also sometimes seen in person live at our meetings… 🙂 )
    • Linux Game Publishing aims to bring top quality Linux games to market
    • Linux Gaming World – High-quality and commercially-supported Linux game titles
    • Desura – a community driven digital distribution service for gamers… Linux client released 17/11/2011.

Linux Systems Suppliers

  • Linux Pre-Loaded – GNU/Linux working out-of-the-box: This is a list of vendors selling hardware pre-installed with software that’s free as in freedom
  • System76System76 has manufactured Ubuntu preinstalled laptops, desktops, servers … with leading support and customer service … since 2005
  • pcspecialist offers custom spec PCs and laptops with the option of no OS installed at all

Internet Infrastructure

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Sysadmin and Configs

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“Linux” is commonly understood to describe the GNU operating system running on the Linux kernel. In everyday common language, “Linux” can also describe the entire software system of applications, GNU operating system and Linux kernel, which is all described also as a “Linux distribution” or a “distro” for short. On this site, all references to the single term “Linux” describes the “GNU/Linux” system pair. References to the Linux kernel are often just abbreviated to just “kernel”.