Timeout at the Nottingham Beer Festival

OK… So it was a fine sunny Friday. So, a very good excuse for an early finish from the glare of the computer screens for a small part of NLUG to sample some of the Nottingham Beer Festival 🙂

Also very good to see that our longest standing honorary member was there, the “D” in . . . → Read More: Timeout at the Nottingham Beer Festival

Tasting Nada Budaya 2015, 2016…

All too good not to taste again 🙂

Here are a teasingly few samples from NLUG Jan 2015 to tease your taste buds for our Feb 2016 foray… 😛

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To be updated for 2016!

See ya there! 🙂


Strange Glowing Lights on the Hill Tops

If you should go up to the hills tonight you’re sure of a big surprise If you should go up to the hills tonight you’ll see better before sunrise…

(Misquoted from the Teddy Bears’ Picnic.)

Radio Hams continue to shine as brightly as ever and in ever new unexpected realms of communication and Ham-electronics wizardry!…

. . . → Read More: Strange Glowing Lights on the Hill Tops

LBW2013 status day 02


Overnight, the weather did howl and gale, and my tent was all-a-shudder. The tent pegs held fast, greatly aided by an almighty Jason super-peg anchored on the upwind corner. Despite being sheltered on three sides by a drystone wall, big barn, and a car, the dome tent was not always able to stay dome . . . → Read More: LBW2013 status day 02

A Splendid Aurora

In true expeditionary style, a small grouping of us ventured out into the cold wilds around the corner to Stoney Street to find… An Aurora that is actually under The Warehouse, Plumptre Street. (The street is most likely named after a successful merchant and politician John de Plumptre who founded the Plumptre hospital nearby.)

Down . . . → Read More: A Splendid Aurora