Firejail – links and notes

For the latest in jailing untrusted applications away from your display and your data, and all without needing any virtual machine support, here are a few notes from the Sandboxing The Herbert Kilpin talk…

The Firejail manual and tutorial:


Firewarden script:

For my own use I slightly modified the script to . . . → Read More: Firejail – links and notes

XScreenSaver Daemon Not Starting on KDE Desktop Startup

There is a wealth of retro and new screensaver art in the venerable XScreenSaver collection. To enjoy that with an autostart when using the KDE desktop:

For your user, create a (plain text) KDE Autostart file, for example (KDE4) “.kde4/Autostart/xscreensaver.desktop” or (KDE5) “.config/autostart/xscreensaver.desktop”, with the magic contents:

[Desktop Entry] Exec=xscreensaver -no-splash & Name=XScreenSaver Type=Application . . . → Read More: XScreenSaver Daemon Not Starting on KDE Desktop Startup

Thoroughly Postfix Upgrade Compatibility

Here is a rather good idea to help with what should be a rare update to the structure or syntax of system config files. Read on!


A Postfix Config Upgrade

Software upgrades and updates are far too often a bane for unexpectedly changing long used settings, or even completely breaking old configs or previous . . . → Read More: Thoroughly Postfix Upgrade Compatibility

How to fix a rattling PC fan

My GPU fan has been rattling something shocking. I knew it was the GPU fan because if I put my finger on it and momentarily stopped the fan, the rattle went away. Even a good going over with the air-duster didn’t help. So what to do?

Replace the GPU? This box is old, would struggle . . . → Read More: How to fix a rattling PC fan

Upgrading ownCloud, hardcore mode

Recently I upgraded not just ownCloud, but the server it was on (Ubuntu Server 12.04 to 16.04). To say there were a few changes would be an understatement and, unfortunately there are a few things missing from the official documents.

Before you begin, back-up the data base and the data. Me, I use MariaDB so . . . → Read More: Upgrading ownCloud, hardcore mode