XScreenSaver Daemon Not Starting on KDE Desktop Startup

There is a wealth of retro and new screensaver art in the venerable XScreenSaver collection. To enjoy that with an autostart when using the KDE desktop:

For your user, create a (plain text) KDE Autostart file, for example (KDE4) “.kde4/Autostart/xscreensaver.desktop” or (KDE5) “.config/autostart/xscreensaver.desktop”, with the magic contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=xscreensaver -no-splash &

Then make that file executable with (for example from the commandline):

chmod +x .kde4/Autostart/xscreensaver.desktop


chmod +x .config/autostart/xscreensaver.desktop

as appropriate for your KDE.


And voila! 🙂 The XScreenSaver daemon will be automatically started when your KDE desktop is started.

You must have the (KDE) kscreensaver disabled/inactive to avoid some confusing conflicts… XScreenSaver has a good long list of screensavers that can be configured from the KDE menu.

Note that in our modern day of displays that no longer suffer burn-in, this is all now completely eye-candy superfluous fun!

Enjoy 😉

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