Linus’ Good Taste in Linux Coding

Somehow, Linus was persuaded to take part in a “TED Talk”. The format looks to be more like a friendly interrogation!

As can be expected, there is very good comment from Linus about how Linux and git came to be, and for his approach to develop and maintain a “good taste” in coding. Can . . . → Read More: Linus’ Good Taste in Linux Coding

How To Use Gnuplot

A fantastic GNU gem from the early days is this almost all-encompassing utility to plot 2d and 3d graphs to the n-th degree that runs under the very predictable old-style unassuming naming of:


From the many years of development, the all-encompassing nature of the utility has lead to a formidable and very . . . → Read More: How To Use Gnuplot

Trivial Replace Repeated Lines (fortune quotes reformat)

Here is a small little ditty of bash to mull over for this Thursday’s (2013/08/01) group meet:

(Lots of preamble to set the scene 🙂 )

#!/bin/bash # Copyright 2013 Martin Lomas # # License: # This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU . . . → Read More: Trivial Replace Repeated Lines (fortune quotes reformat)

TeeFury on your desktop

The script below grabs the latest design from TeeFury and creates a file you can easily place on your desktop, a bit like this example.

Comments are invited on ways to improve this script (as it doesn’t always work due to the RegEx) and follow general best practice. For the script to work you’ll need . . . → Read More: TeeFury on your desktop