XScreenSaver Daemon Not Starting on KDE Desktop Startup

There is a wealth of retro and new screensaver art in the venerable XScreenSaver collection. To enjoy that with an autostart when using the KDE desktop:

For your user, create a (plain text) KDE Autostart file, for example (KDE4) “.kde4/Autostart/xscreensaver.desktop” or (KDE5) “.config/autostart/xscreensaver.desktop”, with the magic contents:

[Desktop Entry] Exec=xscreensaver -no-splash & Name=XScreenSaver Type=Application . . . → Read More: XScreenSaver Daemon Not Starting on KDE Desktop Startup

Virtuality Updated 2017

Since our last look at the worlds of Virtual Reality (“VR”, see AiaVW-2011 and VH-2012, note the comments from back then…) and since our visit by Second Life, the various worlds have ‘sort of’ moved on… Time now (jumping forward to ABVoVW-2017!) for some of what is happening now…

The list below is something of . . . → Read More: Virtuality Updated 2017

Thoroughly Postfix Upgrade Compatibility

Here is a rather good idea to help with what should be a rare update to the structure or syntax of system config files. Read on!


A Postfix Config Upgrade

Software upgrades and updates are far too often a bane for unexpectedly changing long used settings, or even completely breaking old configs or previous . . . → Read More: Thoroughly Postfix Upgrade Compatibility

Big Storage and Storage-Class Memory (SCM)

(Timely, just before the Big Data talk by one of our neighboring groups, there is a recent development move in the news…)


Long, long, ago…

Since the very beginnings of electronic “computers“, we’ve had big separated lumps of functionality (CPU units, memory, slow storage, very slow storage, input and output devices, display devices) that . . . → Read More: Big Storage and Storage-Class Memory (SCM)

Linus’ Good Taste in Linux Coding

Somehow, Linus was persuaded to take part in a “TED Talk”. The format looks to be more like a friendly interrogation!

As can be expected, there is very good comment from Linus about how Linux and git came to be, and for his approach to develop and maintain a “good taste” in coding. Can . . . → Read More: Linus’ Good Taste in Linux Coding