A Raspberry Pi Birthday with the Raspberry Pi 3

We’ve now had four years of Raspberry Pi production which has seen that device fill a decades long neglected void to take the world by storm with:

Raspberry Pi 1 Raspberry Pi 2 Raspberry Pi 0

And now the hot news has been leaked for their latest hot birthday variant:

Raspberry Pi 3

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BrewDog Goes FLOSS

Here in NLUG we appreciate our beer and the world of Free Libre Open Source.

Our FLOSS freedom is clearly stated with the prefix “Free Libre” to emphasize Freedom. To explain the ambiguity of ‘free’ also having the meaning ‘of no cost’, the term “free beer” may well be heard when explaining why the . . . → Read More: BrewDog Goes FLOSS

The ZX Spectrum locally reborn!

Some good local news for some pioneering 8-bit old tech reborn anew:

Remodelled ZX Spectrum production set to begin

Production is set to start on a remodelled version of the ZX Spectrum, which will come pre-installed with 1,000 classic game titles.

Nottinghamshire firm SMS Electronics will manufacture the Sinclair Spectrum Vega at its Beeston factory. . . . → Read More: The ZX Spectrum locally reborn!

A New (security) Certificate Authority

In these post Edward Snowden days, and with that, for the moving all internet standards to be encrypted end-to-end:

There is soon to be a new (freely available?) CA?

Here is some recent good comment from our maillist:

Mike-C wrote:

Jason-I wrote: Have folks heard of this?

Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority

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El Reg Discovers: The Falcon Delicacy, Continental Style!


Our monthly (“talks”) meeting refuge has long been quietly known for a famed Falcon delicacy that fits well alongside the Linux discussions and real ale. That delicacy is unique to them alone for that high part of the city. Yae! And the delicacy is…

The Scotch Egg!

And now… Some of the . . . → Read More: El Reg Discovers: The Falcon Delicacy, Continental Style!