El Reg Discovers: The Falcon Delicacy, Continental Style!


Our monthly (“talks”) meeting refuge has long been quietly known for a famed Falcon delicacy that fits well alongside the Linux discussions and real ale. That delicacy is unique to them alone for that high part of the city. Yae! And the delicacy is…

The Scotch Egg!

And now… Some of the fine reporters of El Reg, homesick for our more northern cloudy climes and homespun foods, have recreated a little of the UK in their far-flung warmly more southerly sunny corner of a bar in Spain:

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The MIGHTY Scotch egg

It’s been two years since we at El Reg’s Special Projects Bureau brought hungry readers the last of our post-pub nosh deathmatches – a lively head-to-head featuring…

… However, as the experts among you will know, this snack marvel isn’t actually from Scotland at all, and probably not even “sturdily British”, as Fortnum & Mason … claims to have brewed up the first Scotch egg in London in the 18th Century, although the Telegraph notes the fried ball of porky goodness bears a suspicious resemblance to nargisi kofta. It’s likely that the Scotch egg’s appearance in Blighty is another tastily agreeable consequence of our involvement in India. How the Dutch got involved – in the shape of eierbal – remains a mystery.

So, it’s onwards to the kitchen, and you will need …

Heston Blumenthal can eat his heart out as El Reg show you how, their way! 😮


Veggies need not look!! 😛

All good fun and one for the next Falcon meeting 🙂



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