Gentoo-isms #4 – net-dns/bind named fails to start: OpenSSL pseudorandom number generator cannot be initialized

Upon updating a very long established net-dns/bind, a restart of named caused a very surprising gulp of nearly 8GBytes of virtual RAM! After a few bits of debug and puzzlement and suspicion that the new “pie” use flag might be at play, a ‘quick fix’ to try was to reinstall bind… Whereupon the following was executed as root (adjust the version number accordingly):

emerge -vDNu net-dns/bind
emerge --config '=net-dns/bind-9.15.2'

… And the named DNS service then failed to start with the slightly cryptic message in the syslog (/var/log/messages) of:

named[3181]: openssl_link.c:164: fatal error:
named[3181]: OpenSSL pseudorandom number generator cannot be initialized (see the `PRNG not seeded' message in the OpenSSL FAQ)
named[3181]: exiting (due to fatal error in library) /etc/init.d/named[3179]: start-stop-daemon: failed to start `/usr/sbin/named'

Briefly, the problem is that named cannot access “/dev/urandom” for its cryptography bits… This is a change in that older versions of named happily used the (blocking, slower) “/dev/random”. Additionally, Gentoo runs named in a chroot and the new requirement of including “/dev/urandom” in the chroot hasn’t been implemented…

The ‘quick fix’ is to simply add the urandom device file into the respective chroot thus (as root):

cd /chroot/dns/dev
mknod urandom c 1 9

“named” can then be started as normal.

Confusingly, the new named appears to ignore the Gentoo use flags and requires “/dev/urandom” regardless…

Further detail can be found in two Gentoo bug reports and a forum posting:

Hopefully, all will soon be officially fixed in the repositories.

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