Raspberry Pi 7th Anniversary and 25 Millionth Sale

Already 7 years and counting?… And time flies! As is the Raspberry Pi into eager hands around the world:

Raspberry Pi Celebrates 25 Millionth Sale as 7th Anniversary Arrives

“When we started Raspberry Pi back in 2008, we hoped to provide maybe 1,000 units to young people to encourage them to apply to study Computer Science at the University of Cambridge,” Upton told us.”To have sold 25,000 times as many units, with no end in sight, feels completely outlandish. The most gratifying thing has been the community that has grown up around the device, and how supportive the more knowledgeable members of that community have been towards people who are just starting their journey in computing.”

Spectacular stuff and for the UK schools, long overdue to overcome the woeful “ICT” pretence of a ‘Computer Science’ course that lingered on for far far too long… (See: Computing in schools: the report card.)

(Further good details are to found in the article above.)

What next for the Raspberry Pi 4?


And all helped by the power of Linux and FLOSS!

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