barcamp Blackpool 2012 Debrief Goodies!

‘Twas a fine cool clear day and ideal for a:

barcamp Blackpool 2012

Rather than a whimsical seaside story, here’s a brief rundown of various bits that I noticed. Those wanting the thousands of words, please skip down to the pretty pictures 🙂 Others have also posted their various other pictures/videos.

This year the barcamp . . . → Read More: barcamp Blackpool 2012 Debrief Goodies!

Unravelling an Enigma

What a blazingly good fun day at Bletchley! A ‘few’ pictures of the day are shown below (hi-res versions are available on request).

Well… Some of us were ‘keen’ and so we were there in the queue for when the gates opened at 9:30am. Various en-route txts from the rest of our group coordinated our . . . → Read More: Unravelling an Enigma

Downpour a Capocci

That was a bit of a splash for the Langtry’s Capocci!

Industrial CO2, Global Heating, a very energetic atmosphere, a stuck jet stream, and… We get a Biblical downpour and a river of water roiling down the road just as I make a mad dash from the bus to Langtry’s. The bus driver looked at . . . → Read More: Downpour a Capocci

A Feast of Raspberry Pi

That turned out to be a good bit of Pi and a good turnout for both nights with people young and not-so-young converging from far and wide.

The NottingHack Raspberry Jam soon had a mini-Brambleweenie collection blinking their lights and displays. See below for a few pictures from the night. They will be continuing each . . . → Read More: A Feast of Raspberry Pi

rms @ DMU

The Free Software Movement

Our friend Dr Richard M Stallman was on good form for his talk in Leicester and gave a good thoughtful monologue for The Free Software Movement and how he came to embark on his path promoting such a cause. He briefly covered how the combination of GNU (operating system) and Linux . . . → Read More: rms @ DMU