Downpour a Capocci

That was a bit of a splash for the Langtry’s Capocci!

Industrial CO2, Global Heating, a very energetic atmosphere, a stuck jet stream, and… We get a Biblical downpour and a river of water roiling down the road just as I make a mad dash from the bus to Langtry’s. The bus driver looked at the dark grey water-world scene and fatalistically summed up my strategy nicely: “Good luck.” Never has a bus driver wished me that before for departing their bus! At least I had a clear sprint being as all other known life was huddled under anything offering any sort of shelter…

A beer later and the water show had moved on to allow us a non-raining post-drenched relaxed saunter around the corner to Capocci.

And I think we all had a good mix of nationalities for the food, and all nicely put together for a very good evening. One to visit again 🙂

Later back at Langtry’s, the ever-present Dave of D&S Seafood was on his rounds:

There’s even an article about him on the wall in Langtry’s. Still going strong walking his round every night, after a mere 47 years in the job!

(Must look up the bureaucracy to nominate him a Freeman of the city if Nottingham has such a tradition…)

After much more discussion, that included a lot about virtualisation (and running out of memory), we all wandered off on our respective ways home… Except I left it rather critically close for catching my last bus back and so made my sprint #2 for the night, this time to the briefly waiting bus…


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