… Or not to be confused with Agrajag who’s name uses different letters even if the poor creature has had as many reincarnations as has the show, books, films, and more, towards the ultimate moment of 42… 😉

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Wandering to a Shabab


That was a rather good combination 🙂 …

Excellent stuff! Good beer at the Organ Grinder, along with good food and good service at the Shabab Nan Kebab. Indeed, the Shabab appears to be almost timeless in staying consistently good! (So traditional and timeless as to not even be on the web 😛 )

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Derby Makings

Just back from the Derby Maker Faire, and there was a good fun collection being demoed and ‘experimented’ with 🙂

I took a few pictures towards the end to show a little of the fun!

(Disclaimer: I’m nothing to do with that lot… Just visiting 🙂 )

Enjoy, Martin

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A Raspberry Pi Gone Postal

After an early start, and a long delay, “CE” compliance testing done, bureaucracy overcome, and whatever follow-on production batch and random delivery queue…

I have one Raspberry Pi arrived in the post today!

Below are the inevitable pics of the arrival 🙂

To be fair to Farnell/Element14, they undoubtedly have worked hard along with . . . → Read More: A Raspberry Pi Gone Postal