… Or not to be confused with Agrajag who’s name uses different letters even if the poor creature has had as many reincarnations as has the show, books, films, and more, towards the ultimate moment of 42… 😉

And that was really good fun! Even more so for those that followed the original apocalyptically different radio series many years ago as had never before been heard on BBC Radio, all in what was the astounding new technology at the time of stereophonic production! For me for this stage reproduction of the series, the most astounding thing was that the original voices were the same even if the biology for those originals has been through what looks like a universe of change through the intervening eons 😐 Their version of BBC Radio staged onstage was very well staged and really good fun, including a few fun unscripted hiccups where the scripts were sometimes lost, or was it the script reader being a little lost (?), and all very LIVE!

More fun than just being on the receiving end of electromagnetic radiation transmuted via some old electronic contrivance, the sound effects were as much fun to watch as to hear! 🙂

In true Douglas Adams’ style, thoroughly unashamedly abridged in ways never before heard. And that was just for starters!

Thoroughly good fun for all alike. We even had a towel, rather a lonely towel, but obviously a very well loved towel well admired by the rest of the group.

Until we are next visited by Derby Poetry and Vogon Vastness… 😉

… That was just one (near sell-out) episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show Live!



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