OpenCL clinfo LLVM Errors Solution

Suffering the following sort of errors from clinfo or from other OpenCL or graphics applications?

  • Intrinsic has incorrect return type!
  • LLVM ERROR: Broken function found, compilation aborted!

Then one possible cause is that there is a version mismatch between “libclc” and whichever dependent systems…

If so, the fix is to recompile (or install an updated version of, or reinstall) libclc.

For example for Gentoo, as root run:

emerge -v1 dev-libs/libclc

Depending on your system, alternatively, a fix might be to reinstall Mesa, LLVM, Clang, and libclc.

If still no go, then the next step is to check on the forums and bug lists for your distro!

Good luck!

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