LBW2013 status day 01


We made it!

Campsite is not quite where was expected and it is blowing a horizontal hoolie up there. Various unfortunates have their tents collapsed or in windy disarray. Hope our tent pegs hold in place…

Meanwhile, down in the tranquil LBW hut, there’s lots of wires being strung up, WiFi, internet, international geeks, and we’re all soon online. Nicely in time for a beer 🙂

Hopefully the horizontal rain will blow over and away in time for last orders!


(Technical hitch for pics to be resolved later… 😉 )


Well… The rain dist persist…

There was much conviviality as we took over most of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn. Some of the group were determined to sample every different beer on the bar. Conversation was very international and cosmopolitan – the group includes some very interesting backgrounds…

Much later, and the rain was still raining, with much breeziness… Returning up Cave Dale in the dark, the wind dist howl and scream, and the rain lashed hard into our faces. In such darkness and wetness, with the shadowy craggy limestone towering all around, our return was more like a fearsome trek out of Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings rather than a summer evening stroll back to camp! The warm lure of shelter and sleep made for as fast a pace as possible! Thankfully, our tents were still there and still soundly secured.

[Cue cinematic screaming gale and the raucous flutter of canvas, raindrops streaking through your headtorch beam of light to be instantly lost into darkness…]

(No pictures were taken on the campsite return on account of the dark and wet aspects…  😯 )

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