Raspberry Pi 2 Flash Splash!

The Raspberry Pi is certainly hot in the news at the moment… Especially so for a rather unexpected news flash for some new naked components on the new board:

Raspberry Pi 2 is ‘camera shy’

The latest version of Raspberry Pi’s credit-card-sized budget computer reboots itself when exposed to camera flashes, users have found.

The . . . → Read More: Raspberry Pi 2 Flash Splash!

Raspberry Pi 2 go faster!


Looks like there’s been some good Broadcom baking to make my SBC list obsolete with the latest spin of the Raspberry Pi hitting the headlines:

BBC: Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled with faster processor and more memory

A new budget-priced Raspberry Pi computer has been unveiled, offering child coders and others a faster processor and . . . → Read More: Raspberry Pi 2 go faster!

RaspberryPi and multiple SBCs Desert! (ARM)

(“Rev 03” work-in-progress… 😉 All details as of Feb 2014.)

We have the continuing rise of the RaspberryPi taking an ever greater proportion of the world by storm, now beyond two million and counting. Can the RasPi alone revitalize computer education and the present day world of computer hobbyists?

Or, what else is there? How . . . → Read More: RaspberryPi and multiple SBCs Desert! (ARM)

RasPi In The Sky!

The Raspberry Pi continues to successfully storm onwards and upwards! There’s by now well over a million of ’em and they are getting to far flung and unlikely places. Recently, there’s one newly (em)powering The Kingdom of Bhutan. There’s also a recent twin adventure of RasPi and Ava in the sky, including some fun stories . . . → Read More: RasPi In The Sky!

A Feast of Raspberry Pi

That turned out to be a good bit of Pi and a good turnout for both nights with people young and not-so-young converging from far and wide.

The NottingHack Raspberry Jam soon had a mini-Brambleweenie collection blinking their lights and displays. See below for a few pictures from the night. They will be continuing each . . . → Read More: A Feast of Raspberry Pi