RasPi In The Sky!

The Raspberry Pi continues to successfully storm onwards and upwards! There’s by now well over a million of ’em and they are getting to far flung and unlikely places. Recently, there’s one newly (em)powering The Kingdom of Bhutan. There’s also a recent twin adventure of RasPi and Ava in the sky, including some fun stories . . . → Read More: RasPi In The Sky!

A Feast of Raspberry Pi

That turned out to be a good bit of Pi and a good turnout for both nights with people young and not-so-young converging from far and wide.

The NottingHack Raspberry Jam soon had a mini-Brambleweenie collection blinking their lights and displays. See below for a few pictures from the night. They will be continuing each . . . → Read More: A Feast of Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi Gone Postal

After an early start, and a long delay, “CE” compliance testing done, bureaucracy overcome, and whatever follow-on production batch and random delivery queue…

I have one Raspberry Pi arrived in the post today!

Below are the inevitable pics of the arrival 🙂

To be fair to Farnell/Element14, they undoubtedly have worked hard along with . . . → Read More: A Raspberry Pi Gone Postal