rss2email for getting news from RSS feeds


There are a multitude of clients to poll/read/display RSS feeds to keep you up-to-the-minute for any and all updates and whatever might be new on your favorite websites and whatever other channels… So why rss2email?

If you already abuse your email system to receive maillists, then you can use rss2email to keep all your news/updates feeds channeled through the same one consistent route that you already use. This is especially useful and convenient if you happen to run your own local email server that you access using multiple different devices/clients in our ever more mobile world 😉

A good ‘How-to’ summary is given on “CLI Magic: Introducing rss2email“. See also the r2e man page. And for the real old-school road wanderers still suffering rural bits-of-wet-string dial-up type speeds, see how Mutt can be tweaked for reading rss feeds: Command-Line Cloud: rss2email.

And for a first test, you could try the feeds for this site…

Nottingham LUG Posts RSS feed
Nottingham LUG Comments RSS feed

Here is the news! 🙂


rss2email was created by Aaron Swartz (born 1986, died 2013) who was involved in the development of the RSS web feed format. Now maintained by Lindsey Smith.

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