VirginMedia’s TV Anywhere on GNU/Linux

This works on Kubuntu 13.10 64bit at the time of writing. Similar steps should hopefully work on other modern distros.

What you will do:Install “PlayOnLinux”, create a “Virtual Drive” to hold “Firefox” that thinks it is running on Windows.

  1. Install “PlayOnLinux” using your package manager.
    • Don’t worry about WINE, the one that comes bundled seems to work even though it is a bit old (v1.6).
  2. Run “PlayOnLinux” either from a terminal, or from a launcher (one should have been created)
  3. Click on “Install a program”
  4. Click “Internet”
  5. Click “Mozilla Firefox” to install it
    • If you get a complaint about not being able to install Mono, close “PlayOnLinux”
    • Go here and download the script (direct link).
    • Once saved, make the file executable using your file manager or command line (“chmod +x <file name>”).
    • Run the script.
    • Resume from from step 2 and when asked, choose to erase the virtual drive.
  6. Choose not to run “Firefox” when offered the chance
  7. When prompted during the install of “Firefox”, choose to install “Flash”.
  8. Done. “PlayOnLinux” should have created a launcher on the desktop, or you can launch from the PoL GUI – just go to and enjoy.

This solutions does work, be it appears to be highly sensitive to system changes. Before making any change to the Virtual Drive (e.g. changing reported Windows version or the version of WINE used) take a back-up of the drive first. That way you can simply restore, rather than having to delete the Virtual Drive and beginning again. This workaround do not fix 4oD, they seem to use a slightly different Digital Repression Mechanism.

Note: Virgin Media do not support GNU/Linux. You will have to rely on the other forum users, the GNU/Linux community or your local LUG.

What you can do: Write in to Virgin Media and tell them you want them to support GNu/Linux.

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