Fix your virt-manager install

This applies to virt-manager Kubuntu 13.10 64bit at the time of writing. That means it also probably applies to all Ubuntu variants of Debain (details in bug 736547).

For whatever reason this version is badly packaged and has missing dependencies. It you are having problems running virt-manager, open a terminal and execute the following:

virt-manager --debug

If you see the errors “No module named libxml2” or “cannot import name Vte” then following the following steps will help.

Use your package manager to install “ssh-askpass-gnome”, “python-libxml2”, “gir1.2-spice-client-gtk-3.0”, “gir1.2-vte-2.90” plus all dependencies. Once all this is done, virt-manager should simply work. Although it will still look like total butt on a Qt system. This can be fixed by installing “gtk-theme-switch” as well.

Should you find this problem on your distribution, go log a bug (or add your name to an existing bug).

If you don’t have CPU usage graphs etc, that’ll be due to a missing Cairo library “python-gi-cairo”. Install that and you’re good to go. I also installed “python3-gi-cairo” at the same time as I also had some python3 stuff and figured, why the heck not?

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