man ntpq (Gentoo long version)

Using “man 8 ntpq” on a Gentoo system, you get the more useful ‘long’ version of the ntpq man page as shown below, as opposed to the Gentoo system man 1 ntpq ‘brief’ version. Confusingly further, it still shows “ntpq(1)”!

Much further explanation is given on “ntpq -p” output.

ntpq(1) ntpq(1)

NAME ntpq – standard . . . → Read More: man ntpq (Gentoo long version)

“ntpq -p” output

The Gentoo (and others?) incomplete man pages for “ntpq -p” merely give the description: “Print a list of the peers known to the server as well as a summary of their state.”

I had not seen this documented, hence here is a summary that can be used in addition to the brief version of the . . . → Read More: “ntpq -p” output