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Through Virtual Worlds

05/09/2012 @ 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Lights, sound, computer, electronic imagination, stirring rousing music, occasional commentary, action!

This is an updated revamped spin of a virtuality-fest building on the compilation made last year.

Now with added ‘reality’! 😉

So, by the power of RasPi projection… Sit back and enjoy the video tour and test your Virtuality and Total Recall 🙂

How well do you recognize what is really ‘real’?


Fellows Morton and Clayton
54 Canal Street
Nottingham, NG1 7EH
Telephone: 0115 9506795latitude = 52.948615
longitude = -1.148431
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Food is also served up until 8pm.

As usual for this time of year, we’ll be up the spiral staircase above the restaurant area at the far back to make use of the big screen for the video. Beforehand, we may be found in the lower bar area. Just look for the Linux mags and gadgets (or ask the friendly bar staff where to find us 🙂 )


Wednesday 05/09/2012:

  • 7:30pm: Meet
  • 8:00pm: Video/Talk/Questions


All welcome!




A follow-on talk was given as a “Part 2”: Virtually Here


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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Fellows Morton and Clayton
54 Canal Street
Nottingham, NG1 7EH United Kingdom
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0115 9506795

4 comments to Through Virtual Worlds

  • Martin L

    Part of the theme of the talk/demo was to show the influences between reality and our computer generated virtual realities. Those influences can be two-way in that reality shapes what is done in various virtual realities and reciprocally virtual reality impinges back upon our reality. An apt example that follows on from the Sim City examples that were shown for the talk, and shows off nicely some of the ‘grandiose’ aspects of how reality is remodeled in virtual worlds, is given in the recent news article:

    Betaville lets New Yorkers play real-world Sim City

    Looking like the Statue of Liberty’s crown, five piers jut out of lower Manhattan’s Battery Park. Filled with swirling waterways and trees, steps lead from the base of the crown to the top of its spiky, outstretched arms.

    Designer Levis Reyes hasn’t faced problems with planning permission for his flamboyant Liberty Piers, expanding out of Manhattan’s Southern tip. The development is made up of pixels placed onto a map of New York on his computer.

    Betaville is a multi-person open source platform which allows participants to build on empty spaces in New York City, like a real-life version of the popular game Sim City.

    Players can walk around New York’s streets – or fly over them…

    … And this isn’t just a fantasy world of wacky ideas; Betaville’s developers are hoping to turn these designs into real buildings in the city. …

  • Martin L

    As part of the opening scenes to demonstrate how our eyes and mind can be fooled for what might be or might not be there, and for the ‘trick’ of imagined motion, I showed part of this YouTube clip:

    Japan tron dance

    I’ve since stumbled across this from the Blue Man Group:

    Blue Man Group – Light Suits (Live) – Stomp your Feet/Clap your Hands

    For the drummers and martial arts sympathizers amongst us, that is just pure simple brilliance! For those that might not realize, all live and it sounds like there are microphones on the ends of the flexible rods… Great fun!

    Going back to the topic of the talk: The three foreground figures that are the Blue Man Group are ‘obviously’ real. However, for the two background figures: Real or ‘virtual’?

    Very clever and a very good ‘trick of the lights’. Enjoy the spectacle!

  • Martin L

    Would you believe it! Virtual reality becomes real with some local laser cutter talent and batteries:

    MSRaynsford: Project #2: Jansen Walker

    In our showing on the evening, an animated device that evolved from something similar to that, combined with clever filming, gave rather a spooky segment. Real or virtual? It had us all bemused for some time…

    And such a device really is real after all!

    Ignoring the title, what do you believe? ‘The Future Forms Of Life’ by David Lance

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