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MPD: Music anywhere anyhow!

17/04/2014 @ 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

“Invisible airwaves crackle with life
Bright antennae bristle with the energy
Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free”
Geddy Lee

“Never play anything the same way twice.”
Louis Armstrong


And in sharp contrast utilizing digital controlled unblinking repeated exactness:

Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files in a variety of ways while being controlled across a network.


Or in plain-speak… The music mix is:

  1. Take your collection of sound
  2. Add MPD
  3. Connect your Computer/Laptop/ePad/Smartphone whatever gizmo on your network/internet
  4. Using your connected device: Select play!

Then hear whatever your sounds might be on any of the sound outputs of the MPD device itself, or listen to the audio streamed onto your gizmo. All very cool for those well connected folk for which no memory stick can be big enough! 😉


This is a simple example setup and demo of MPD in action as controlled by a variety of devices. This is also a vast underutilization of various computer devices being subjugated to the menial role of that of an old-style “IR remote control“!

And apologies in advance for my example unmusical sound files most likely being of a far-out eclectic taste 😛


All welcome in the cozy ambiance of The Falcon Inn. Good beer and good discussions guaranteed!

(Non-beer drinkers and new starters all welcome all alike 🙂 )



7:30pm Thursday 17/04/2014

The Falcon Inn
1 Alfreton Rd
Canning Circus
Nottingham NG7 3JE
Phone: 0115 924 4635
OpenStreetMap: Falcon Inn

On this occasion due to the techno-geekie gear, and so as to not scare the non-techno regulars, we’ll be up above in the room upstairs. Please ask the friendly bar person if lost!


(Some of us will be meeting beforehand in the Hand & Heart (facebook: H&H) nearby for food and pre-drinks.)


For all ‘experts’ and non-experts and new starters alike: All welcome! Just come along 🙂



7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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The Falcon Inn
1 Alfreton Rd, Canning Circus
Nottingham, NG7 3JE United Kingdom
+ Google Map
0115 9244635

1 comment to MPD: Music anywhere anyhow!

  • Martin L

    As discussed on the night, “MPD” has a lot of competition from the many varied music players available that simply play your music directly on the device on which they run. So why add the complication of a network interface with a ‘client’ controller acting as a remote control to the MPD ‘server’?

    The answer is flexibility and scale. Also, there is greater scope to do ‘clever things’ with new client apps whilst the heavy grunt audio playing MPD part can stay unchanged and stay on the device that physically holds your music and makes all the noise…

    You can also use MPD to stream music to your ‘client’ device:

    Stream Music To Your Android Device Using MPD And MPDroid

    For that example, I would keep that setup to your local network or WiFi unless you fully understand how it all works.

    A more elaborate setup that gives a modern “web-browser view” for similar functionality is to use Ampache. That system sits on top of an Apache + php webserver and offers “Browse and manage your music collection through a simple web interface… Stream your music to your preferred player, control it with Localplay or directly listen on the web page with HTML5 player.”

    And for a fun distraction for fun ‘geek’ noise:

    Cycles Per Instruction – The Kernel Module Edition

    Welcome to the most unnecessarily complicated netcat album release format yet.

    In this repository, you will be able to compile your own kernel module, create a /dev/netcat device and redirect its output into an audio player (tested with mplayer and play from SoX as well). …

    In plain-speak: That is a large blob of data that plays a music album as a function of your computer kernel! (Don’t let Linus know!! 😉 )

    Their more conventional album format can be found on: Cycles Per Instruction

    Enjoy the strange noises! 🙂

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